DOKU.TECH, August 5th, 2017 @ Dokufest Film Festival in Prizren.
To continue our discussion left early this year at Termokiss we will once again bring you some of the most curious minds of the tech world to discuss Fear, Hope and Everything in Between.


We’re bringing you careful observers able to spot patterns in accelerating changes that technology produces in society. We’re bringing you innovators who are pushing the boundaries and breaking the walls to move us all forward. We're bringing forward thinking DJs to spice things up and add a dash of party to the event.

We invite you to listen, question, doubt, suggest and discuss. Don’t hesitate to bring your fears, hopes and everything in between. We might not always be able to turn every fear into hope but we can try together to better understand complex processes shaping our lives ever faster.

Lumbardhi Cinema, DOKU.TECH’s newest venue, is an important evidence and value of Kosovar cultural identity. In 2014, the Civil Society came together for the Initiative for Protection of Lumbardhi Cinema and saved the building from being torn down and ceased the process of privatization. Lumbardhi cinema is a rare and valuable building, part of Kosovo’s cultural heritage.



DOKU.TECH features intensive and powerful talks from speakers with various backgrounds and common interest in technology.

Susan Gregg
Co-Founder ModCloth, Forbes 30 under 30
Eric Koger
Founder ModCloth, Forbes 30 under 30
Roland Osborne
Co-Founder Olark (Y Combinator)
Courtney Scott
Austin based award-winning designer
Lane Becker
Strategist, 18F (A division of the US government)
Max Gurvits
Startup Troublemaker
Elina Zheleva
Design Thinking
Mark Etem
Service Design and Innovation
Liza Gashi


Prizren, Kosovo

Why are digital nomads all over social media, and why are they so comical? How can real, ambitious entrepreneurs and freelancers make it, and increase their output, while travelling through foreign communities?

The importance of technology and virtual channels to connect and engage Diaspora in advancing the development and democratization of their home countries.

Rapid changes in technology, changes in media, falling prices, and planned obsolescence have resulted in a fast-growing surplus of electronic waste around the globe. Join us for an alternative use of your e-waste. The Anibar Junkyard Robots Workshop aims to promote creative reuse of electronic parts through animation. Your old computers, phones, or printers turned into action figures used to create short stop-motion animation films. A life cycle of material usage!

This Design Thinking Masterclass will focus on the principles of low-fidelity prototyping and testing with end-users. Mark and Elina will show various techniques e.g. pen and paper wire-frames and storyboards to demonstrate the power of rapid prototyping and how you could test new ideas and decrease development time and cost.

Beyond the Hero is an endless arcade shooter set in multiple galaxies of the universe. You are Captain 13, the sole survivor of a voyager fleet sent with the mission of clearing asteroid clusters. Your mission is one you may not return from, but it is a matter of life or death for the explorers travelling to these galaxies to colonize and expand humanity’s borders throughout the universe. You and your ship cruise through the galaxy where you have to destroy as many meteors as you can target. The larger your score, the safer the galaxies!

DOKU.TECH featured intensive and powerful talks from speakers coming from various backgrounds with a common interest in technology, such as:



This event is free, because we believe that information and knowledge should be free, but you need to register to reserve a seat.


IPKO Foundation's goal is to seed and support the development of the next generation of leaders with a digital vision for Kosovo. These leaders may come from any sector or discipline but are united in their embrace of technology, knowledge, internet and the information society.

Share Foundation is a nonprofit organization from Serbia that is dedicated to protecting the rights of Internet citizens and promoting positive values of openness, decentralization, online education, social media activism, free access and exchange of knowledge, information and technology.

DOKUFEST, the International Documentary and Short Film Festival, is the largest film festival in Kosovo. Each year the festival fills the cinemas and improvised screening venues around historic city center of Prizren with a selection of more than 200 hand picked films from around the world.



To back the statement that DOKU.TECH is not only for tech-geeks, the team behind this conference is comprised of digital economists, lawyers, sociologists, policy makers and various profiles that joined together to embrace technology:

Kushtrim Xhakli
Teresa Crawford
Abetare Gojani
Adelina Qarri
Program Manager

Nita Prekazi
Program Associate
Taulant Devolli
Program Assistant
Edita Pozhegu
Communication and Media Assistant
Mali Tefiku
Technical Assistant


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